Most Overlooked
Small Business Opportunity
On The Internet

Discover the most overlooked small business opportunity on the internet and how to earn a superior living at it..

Business Opportunity in e-commerce?... Do you know what the single largest sector of the business world is?...SERVICES!

And the single most overlooked business opportunity on the Internet?...SERVICES!

So what?

Well, if you have an online store that sells widgets, you still have to pick, pack, and ship to earn a profit just like any OFFLINE mail order operation.

In this case, the Internet is reduced to merely being a COMMUNICATION service, an online catalog, really an excellent one, of course. But you still have all the hassle of dealing with products made of MOLECULES.

"Give me products made of ELECTRONS, any day!"...That's automation.

While we're talking about electrons, you can get "Bill's Business Boosters E-zine right here.
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Electrons pass right through the Internet... real smooth! The powerful combination of digital fulfillment and e-commerce, total automation translates into an unprecedented Business Opportunity.

After you've developed your e-good, your incremental costs are the same whether you sell one product, or 1,000,000 products... ZERO time (no pick-pack-and-ship) and ZERO dollars (except for small % for transaction processing).

Does selling e-goods interest you?

Three NEW modules are coming to Site Build It! in the near future. More automation.

An *E-commerce Module* provides you with a merchant account to clear credit cards online. Plus, you'll have the ability to digitally deliver your e-goods in much the same fashion that SiteSell does now.

An *Affiliate Module* will allow you to build and manage your own affiliate program. Offer your visitors "commission incentives" to promote YOUR products on their Web sites.

A *Mailout Module* will allow you to build, manage, and contact several E-mail Address Lists (in text and HTML formatted e-mails)...

You get an Opt-in e-zine

And Customer e-zines

Plus your Affiliate e-zine

But you haven't heard the BEST part yet...

Now SBI subscribers... get all 3 new modules in the e-commerce value bundle for FREE.

Site Build It! will be THE ultimate, the total, e-commerce Web hosting package!

But you still haven't heard the BEST part yet...In order to effectively sell your services online, you must have a Web site that...

Introduces you as the expert, and builds your credibility with your visitor.

Effectively targets various appropriate keyword phrases to ensure that the people who need your service find your Web site.

"GIVES before TAKING" -- provides the visitor with some free valuable information in the form of content, and/or a free opt-in e-zine. Actually, when it comes to selling a service, a top-notch e-zine is INVALUABLE!

And what's the easiest, headache-free way to accomplish all this? You guessed it...

Site Build It!...

Go ahead and take a look at it Now

Remember too... the SBI! guarantee is "good as gold." No doubt about it... it's amazing how under-represented services are in the land of e-commerce. But, in a sense, that's a good thing.

Why? Because...

SBI! is about to give you THE edge on your competition!

Business Opportunity, Here It Is...Site Build It!

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