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"Mini University Business Boosters 5 day e-mail courses are Free for Newbie or Pro... There's something at Mini University for everyone... You'll breeze through these 5 day e-mail courses and you'll be amazed at the useful information you've discovered, and... the time and money you'll save."

  • Are You starting your Home Based Internet Business?
  • Are You building or expanding your Web site?
  • Are you writing a special Report or E-book?
  • Do you want to discover the Perfect Price for your New Product?
  • Do you want to write powerful words that sell?

You'll discover how you can get fast, proven results at Mini-University Business Boosters! You can take one or all of the courses. No waiting! Get started now! They will be in your e-mail immediately. Print them out... Read them... Put them in a notebook... Highlight them, and make notes... You'll refer to them often.


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It's an intensive 5-DAY e-mail course that shows you how to attract targeted visitors from around the world or from around the block, and convert them into new clients for your services, each with a high lifetime value. The possibilities are endless. And whether your clients are "local" (ex., a fitness trainer) or "global" (someone who indexes books) in nature, the Service Sellers Masters Course shows you how to use the Net to build a client base in a fast, cost-effective way... It's Free!

NEW... Free 6-Day Life Story Writing Course. One action-oriented e-mail a day! History is not complete until YOUR LIFE STORY has been written.

Click here and send your email to receive The Affiliate Masters course...
It's an intensive 5-Day e-mail course on becoming a high-earning affiliate champion.This 10-DAY course focuses 100% on helping you, the affiliate, succeed. It leads you, step by digestible step, day by day, through a flawless process... from developing a Site Concept To brainstorming hundreds of profitable related keywords to building a themed site to generating motivated, targeted traffic that wants to click on your recommendations, links to the related products sold by merchants you represent. It's Free!

Click here and send your email to receive The InfoProduct Masters course...
It's an intensive 5-Day e-mail course on creating, producing and online-selling your very own infoproduct. What's the most important part of Web marketing? Just about every marketing guru agrees... it's having your own proprietary product. And here's the good news... That product lies somewhere within you... but you're "too close to see it. Follow this course and you will be selling an infoproduct online in just 10 days. Really.

Click here and send your email to receive The Pricing Masters course...
It's an intensive 5-Day e-mail course that shows you how to find the PERFECT PRICE for your product. "How much money are you leaving on the table?" Do you have an idea for a new product? Discover a huge secret of top companies... Do A Feasibility Study. You could save yourself a ton of time and money... or you could confirm exactly how powerful your idea really is!

Click here and send your email to receive The Netwriting Masters course...
It's an intensive 5-Day e-mail course that shows you how to become an effective e-persuader. What single feature of every Web site receives the least attention (in terms of time and money), yet literally is the most important factor for making the sale? If you said, "Words," congratulations! Because, here's the bottom line on words... No matter what you sell on the Net... If you want to sell more, write better. Use the right words. Because, words sell, not graphics or technology. Once you know how, it's simply not that hard. And after you finish this course, you will know how. Start Now!

Click here and send your email to receive The Net Auction Masters Course...
It's an intensive 5-Day e-mail course that shows you how to start your own profitable auction business... and how to grow it super-big AFTER you empty your attic and basement.You now have open access to an incredibly profitable and exciting business opportunity -- one that didnít even exist a few years ago -- a Net auction business. Thereís no initial investment -- you can begin by selling those long forgotten treasures that are gathering dust in your closet, attic or basement. No start-up risk. Build your Net auction business at your own speed. Work full-time or part-time. Retire early.


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Five Pillar Club
Are you thinking about becoming an affiliate for different merchants? Would you like to build a monthly income? Like to have a team helping You?... Even remotely interested?... Then you just as well start looking at the top... the merchant that's a model for the others. You have to see all the benefits to believe it. AND You can right Now.
Five Pillar Club, Best Affiliate Program on the Net Spend some time there. It's Free.

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