Online Business Ideas

Here's Some Online Business Ideas For You!...

You can ask your ezine or website visitors to find a mis-spelled word or a hidden link in your ad copy. If they find the mis-spelled word or hidden link ... Give them a prize or freebie... if they tell you the mis-spelled word or click on the link. This increases the chance they'll buy your product or service, because, to find the mis-spelling or link they will have to read your whole ad copy.

Start a members only website. Describe your members only site and what it costs to get access. Offer your visitors a free membership, when they link to your website or post one of your ads or banner on their web page. Or they agree to advertise your website in their ezine. This is a powerful way to get free advertising.

Start a discussion board... Then give away one of your free products or service to any person that posts 5 or more messages on your discussion board in a month. It could be a free ebook, special report, email consulting. Keep track of everyone's postings each month.

Give your visitors an instant article directory. Tell your visitors they can add a free article directory to their web site by linking to yours. Just place your ad or banner ad on top of the article directory for your main product or service. All those links can add up to a large amount of traffic for your website.

There are millions of websites on the internet. Instead of marketing your domain as a website, market it as a free web book. Design your website with a title page, table of contents and chapters, like a book. Then at the top of each web page have a place to prominently show your products and services.

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